How Does an Ecologicanada Contributor Feel About Nature Photography and Environmental Sustainability?

Given that Devin Newman’s photography has been featured in several of my articles thus far, I decided to sit down with him and have a candid chat about the environment. As both my brother and an appreciated contributor to ecologicanada, his thoughts deserve acknowledgment on this platform as well. Amidst the Fall season’s dwindling temperatures and transitioning of leaves to a rich blend of warm colors, I began by asking him which aspects of the environment he admires the most.

“The sheer number of ecosystems around the world in different regions amazes me,” he marvels, “The diversity in environmental scenery, from the mountains to the forests and oceans, all offers its own special place in the world.” Devin enjoys being in the outdoors, spending time walking and hiking with his camera in-hand. He is patient, taking his time to photograph the perfect view. “I think it’s important to capture the beauty of nature and to show wildlife in their natural habitats for all to see,” he explains, “Each animal and bird offers their own unique and special aesthetic that offers a one of a kind shot each time.”

Devin has had a keen interest in the environment and nature photography from a very young age, having drawn inspiration from the television series Austin Stevens Adventures. He developed a fascination for outdoor exploration and the experience of new sights through traveling. “It was only until I spotted a nest of young mourning doves in my backyard that I began taking regular pictures of birds,” he recalls, “Finding new angles, positions, and capturing multiple actions from wild animals became a sort of challenge that I brought upon myself.” Birds can serve as particularly challenging subjects to photograph given that their quick flittering causes blurring, which makes his clear shots especially satisfying. Devin appreciates the technical difficulty, yet the artistic reward of nature photography, foreseeing it as a pastime that he will continue to engage in throughout his whole life. I have written an article on Mourning Doves that contains some of Devin’s incredible bird pictures.

The environment is a big topic of concern nowadays, with the effects of climate change intensifying each year. I asked Devin how he feels about the current climate crisis. He believes that the environment deserves significant attention and action because it is something that many species and that human society depend on. “Every day we walk in nature and we feel it,” he shares, “The outdoors gives a sense of peace and wonder to all who embrace it. It is crucial to preserve the natural evolution of the planet and to protect it from further damage.” I support Devin’s opinion, which is also the reason why I created ecologicanada. Writing, photographing, and sharing environmental content spreads awareness for the wellbeing of our beautiful country. We hope that this blog’s viewers feel the same way!

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