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Welcome to Ecologicanada! Human Ecology refers to the study of relationships between humans and their environment.

Ecologicanada uses 3 categories:

Sustainability: Ecologicanada considers how humans relate to their surroundings in a sustainable way, thinking about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts.

Nature: Ecologicanada showcases nature in Canada, demonstrating how humans connect with the country’s biodiversity and scenery.

Education: Ecologicanada discusses environmental, social, and anthropological information, providing simplified and brief explanations about various concepts.

Hi! I’m Alexis Newman, and welcome to Ecologicanada! I created this website to share my love of writing, sustainability, education, nature, photography, and graphic design. I studied Creative Arts and Literature at John Abbott College, as well as Environment, Development, and Anthropology at McGill University. Aside from blogging, I love drinking coffee and cross stitching.